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Victoria Lagodinsky

January 22, 2014




“It has been said that if you do something for 21 days, without fail, it will become a habit, a ritual in your life. Most people spend time trying to change or break habits. You may not have spent time practising obtaining a habit, but the habit of happiness is one that is worth practising.”
Dr Robert M Sherfield


This is an interesting thought isn’t it? We can all relate to the preoccupations involved in changing or breaking negative habits, but it’s such a wonderful and uplifting turnaround to decide instead to adopt a new habit; it sounds a lot easier for a start.


10 Ways to Catch the Happiness Habit

Happiness, like anxiety, is contagious.

1. Do something fun and frivolous – you are guaranteed to capture some carefree childlike energy.

2. Slow down and ‘smell the roses’. Try this when you next find yourself rushing madly from pillar to post and recognize how it feels to stop and take a breather – you deserve it.

3. Stay in the moment. Try this now by bringing all your attention to this very instant. We burden ourselves with anxieties about the future and regrets and recriminations about the past – let them go and step into the NOW now!

4. Appreciate, appreciate and then appreciate some more. A self-explanatory top tip, begin this immediately.

5. Sing in the shower and start the day with a wonderful lifting of the spirits.

6. Perform an act of kindness, and you will definitely catch some happy vibes.

7. Be glad for this day. You are a unique and incredible human being, make the most of your opportunities.

8. Smile, smile, smile. The physical act of smiling triggers a rise of endorphins (otherwise known as happiness hormones).

9. Be wholehearted about whatever you do. If a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly. My dad was always saying this to me when I was a child and now I know how right this is. Give yourself to life and life will love you back.

10. Celebrate your successes. How often we rush on to the next thing, moving the goalposts as we go. When you can stop and recognize your achievements you nourish your feelings of self-respect and happiness.


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