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Victoria Lagodinsky

January 21, 2014
5 reasons why the fasting diet could change your life
Amanda Hamilton’s The Eat, Fast, Slim Diet is the life-changing fasting diet that everyone’s talking about.


Amanda Hamilton, author of The Eat, Fast, Slim Diet  – the original life-changing fasting diet for amazing weight-loss and optimum health – explains the benefits of fasting diets and how they work.

“Traditional diet lore dictates that we shouldn’t skip meals. But amazing new findings show that short bursts of fasting, created by lengthening the gaps between eating, can lead to the ultimate fat-burning state – this is intermittent fasting (IF)”, says Amanda Hamilton. “It’s a truth that body-builders and top athletes have known for years but scientists are now confirming that fasting accelerates fat loss and shifts weight from stubborn areas too. What’s more, you’ll find that you sleep better, have more energy, slow down your ageing and even improve your long-standing health problems through fine-tuning your body’s repair mechanisms”, says Amanda. “I’ve been working with fasting for more than a decade. It gets great results, safely”.


5 reasons why learning to fast was life-changing for me and why I think you should give it a go:

1. Fasting shifted my last annoying 4.5kg (10lb) in weight, without me having to obsess about counting calories or following ridiculous “fad diets”.

2. Fasting is good for me on the inside and makes me look better on the outside. When something makes you feel this good, it is easy to stick with it.

3. Fasting makes me feel emotionally in control (and a little virtuous).

4. Fasting gets my hunger under control.

5. Ever since I discovered the fasting diet, according to the most accurate test available my biological age has remained a full decade younger than what it says on my passport, and this is in spite of having given birth to two children. I’m not showing off – it just works!


“Fasting makes things really simple. It is scientifically proven to slow ageing and boost health and is something that every human being does instinctively, only most of us have forgotten how. Another “plus” is that fasting won’t cost you anything – it’s time rather than money that’s needed. The techniques that inspired modern day fasting might well date back millennia but fasting has never been more needed than right here, right now”.


“When you first get into fasting, it can be hard to figure out which technique will suit you best so I’ll help you to navigate your way through the fasting world”, says Amanda. “Broadly speaking, there are the intermittent fasts (what I call lifestyle fasts) and juice fasts although, increasingly, fasts are becoming known according to their duration in hours or days – 16/8, 5/2, alternate day and so on. Most are do-able even for someone with only a faint whiff of interest in healthy living, but some require caution. I only feature the techniques that make the grade in terms of scientifically referenced benefits and practical application”.


“When I learned to fast, and how to harness the power of fasting, it challenged everything I’d ever read about how to eat, how to preserve health and how to stay in shape”, enthuses Amanda.


Amanda Hamilton has helped thousands of people lose weight and gain body confidence. Try Amanda’s healthy plans with more than 100 nutritious recipes. Choose a plan to suit your lifestyle and maximize the benefits of fasting – lose weight, slow down ageing and boost your health. Follow Amanda on her inspiring website


A fasting diet plan from Amanda Hamilton

“Amanda is always an inspiration as she combines true professionalism with enthusiasm, intelligence and knowledge.”
Ian Marber, Nutritionist and Author

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