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Foolproof Gluten-free White Bread recipe

  Perfect for coeliacs, this is simply the best gluten-free white bread recipe you’ll find, and it’s also dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free, and vegetarian. And in the unlikely event that there’s any leftover, the loaf makes a delicious base for gluten-free Prawn, Broad Bean and Avocado Bruschetta.   Gluten-Free White Bread Recipe   Makes: 1 loaf Preparation […]

Chocolate-dipped dried fruit (genius!)

  We’re willing to convince ourselves that dried apricots, pears and pineapples dipped in dark chocolate is a healthy option – please don’t disillusion us! Great for lunch box treats or nibbles with friends this weekend.   Chocolate Dipped Dried Fruit   Makes: 24 chocolates Preparation time: 15 minutes, plus chilling Cooking time: 5 minutes 250g/9oz dark […]

5 bedtime snacks to help you sleep

  Surprisingly what we eat can have a real effect on the quality of our sleep. So if you’ve been having trouble sleeping here are five snacks to try before bedtime:   1. Oatcakes with tuna or a slice of chicken/turkey 2. Oatcakes with tahini, hummus, nut butter or cottage cheese 3. A small pot […]

Which personality type are you: an idealist, a stoic or, worst of all, a dissenter?

Your ‘Personal Perspective’ influences your thoughts, opinions, choices, actions, and ability to make changes   Aside from your IQ there is another aspect to your thinking that influences every thought you have. Which of these 7 personality types sounds the most like you? “I call it your Personal Perspective”, explains Master Certified Coach and author […]

Video Recipe: Avocado and Chocolate Truffles

  The happiest way to lose weight: The S Factor Diet   The S Factor diet tackles the causes of overeating and cravings. Lowri Turner shows you how to shed excess weight easily and keep it off for good. Watch as broadcaster and journalist turned nutritionist, Lowri shows you how to make her delicious Avocado […]

What is mindfulness?

  What is mindfulness? Being mindful is actually something that we all did very naturally when we were small children. When we are being mindful, we are choosing to notice the details of our experiences, just as they are in this moment and without judging or trying to change them in the first instance. Sometimes […]

Baked Chilli Vegetable Crisps Recipe

Baked vegetable crisps – use up root or starchy vegetables for a delicious Friday or Saturday night treat.   “I love making a huge bowl of these healthy crisps, which can be prepared with other vegetables as well. I often make them using carrot, daikon radish or pumpkin” says Adele McConnell, author of The Vegan […]

Mushroom Wellingtons with Camembert and Membrillo

Mushroom Wellingtons with Camembert and Membrillo  make a perfect Friday night supper dish   These days, staying in is the new going out, and homemade deli is the way to eat gourmet! Emma Macdonald, a trained chef and founder of The Bay Tree – the UK’s premier deli ingredient company – shares her celebrated culinary secrets […]

Plan an adventure to beat the January blues

Are winter days getting you down? Plan an adventurous expedition for some time in the spring or summer to lift your spirits. Plan an adventurous expedition for some time in the spring or summer. Download a map from the internet and print it out on good strong paper. Annotate the map to show some of […]