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Spring is a perfect time to change. If you think your life is missing something, but you can’t work out what it is, follow Caterina Rando’s steps to reveal what you really want.

Change occurs only after a decision has been made. It can occur in an instant, but usually only after a choice becomes clear. Listen to your heart as well as your head, identify what does not feel right about your life and what you want to be different, and write down your findings. For this purpose buy a blank notebook—this will be your “power thinking journal”. Whatever you choose to write in your journal, make sure that it is true for you. This is a great way to process and clarify your feelings and goals, and to express unarticulated thoughts.

Keep your journal in an accessible place. Make time to write up your entries on a regular basis. Each session might last a certain length of time, say 15 or 30 minutes; or you might write a minimum amount at every session, say half a page or a page. Whenever you write, do so in the belief that whatever you need to discover will be revealed to you on the page. Develop a freeflowing style. Do not worry about grammar, punctuation or spelling. Do not edit your words. You do not even have to be sure that you are writing the truth — indeed, you do not even have to make sense!

The important thing is that you are expressing yourself. As long as you are doing this, sense, truth and clarity will come over time.

Six steps to real change

Here are six steps that can help you acknowledge what it is you want to change. Go through each step in your power thinking journal. Make these changes come alive.
1. Make a “more” list. List the things you already have in your life that you want more of: meditation, spy novels, sex, sports, or time to chill with a beer? Do not judge or edit your ideas. Wanting to enjoy your life does not make you greedy or hedonistic.
2. Make a “want” list. List the things you don’t have that you want, from inner peace to ivory curtains to invisible braces. Again, do not judge or edit your thoughts.
3. Make a “fantasy changes” list. List all the things you would change in your life if you knew that it was possible. Do not be concerned how farfetched your ideas might be.
4. Engage “ponder power”. Review your lists. What stands out? What are you instinctively drawn to focus on? What changes are just crying out to be made?
5. Choose and decide. Choose what you want to change and decide to change it—even if you do not yet know how. Making the decision is a powerful first step in itself.
6. Stay connected. Keep change at the forefront of your mind by reviewing your lists daily. Add and delete things. Change will happen more easily and quickly than you anticipate if you focus and refocus on what you have written down.

Caterina Rando will show you how you can free your mind of negative attitudes and develop the power to focus and prioritize. Containing 20 specifically devised exercises, including journaling, visualisation and affirmations, this easy-to-use book will help you create a positive mental attitude.

“Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life”

You Can Think Differently by Caterino Rando

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