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Cheap vegetarian recipes? Welcome to the world of Veggienomics

Welcome to the world of Veggienomics! This month, we’re publishing a new kind of vegetarian cookbook from Nicola Graimes. Discover a world of exciting vegetarian recipes that won’t cost the earth. Find ways to cut down on the cost of your weekly shop without compromising on quality, or on taste. The ‘veggienomics’ principles for cheap, […]


Rose Elliot: My Journey to Veganism

This winter, we published Rose Elliot’s Complete Vegan, the ultimate bible of plant-based eating by the renowned vegan cook. We spoke to her about what lead her from her long-held vegetarian diet to going fully vegan. *** One of my earliest memories is of watching my mother preparing herrings for supper and realising that they […]



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Top Tips to Go Flexi

by Nicola Graimes It has been named as one of the top food trends of the moment… it is called ‘flexitarianism’ – vegetarians who occasionally eat meat or fish and meat-eaters who regularly include plant-based meals into their diet. I have picked up on this burgeoning trend with my new book Part-time Vegetarian, due to […]


I Love My Wok

From steaming to stir frying, deep-frying to braising and even smoking, I Love My Wok will show you exactly how versatile the wok really is. Showcasing over 100 delicious and nutritious recipes for all occasions, Nicola Graimes shows how one pan really can do it all. To showcase these fantastic recipes we have chosen just three of […]


Get the most from your weekend

Everyone is counting down to the weekend, but do you feel refreshed enough on Monday morning? Michael and Jessica Hinz show you how to make the most of your weekend. ‘For anyone who works from Monday to Friday, weekends seem to take forever to arrive. Then from Friday night, time flies and before you know […]


Stove-Top Squash Scones with Cavolo Nero in Cider Sauce – a hearty dish for World Vegetarian Day

From Nicola Graimes’s New Vegetarian Kitchen. Today is World Vegetarian Day so, to mark the occasion, we’ve dug out this delicious recipe from Nicola Graimes’s brilliant New Vegetarian Kitchen, which shows you how to really make the most of your veggies. It’s packed full of comforting flavours – butternut squash, thyme, cider, cream! – and […]


Get Your Breakfast Right with Jo Pratt’s Vegetarian Recipes

Impress your family and friends with this delicious breakfast or brunch dishes. These recipes are easy to make at home or at work, and they are reach of healthy ingredients to energize your day. You can get more breakfast ideas reading Jo Pratt’s In the Mood for Healthy Food. Poached eggs, tahini and pan-fried avocado […]


Slow Road to Success

This article is adapted from Slow Dough by Chris Young. In the words of my father in law and dad, respectively: slow down and get real. Industrial bakeries have a tendency to throw all sorts of artificial additives into their doughs, some in an attempt to reduce that very important natural ingredient: time. Even some […]


Top Tips for Managing Your Email at Work

If you dread launching your email programme because you receive so many emails, you are not alone. Studies show that we spend about two hours of each work day on emails – and this is likely to increase. Finding ways to manage work email can help to reduce stress and increase your productivity. Here are […]


How to Make Delicious Vegetarian Nut Cheese

Soaked and blended cashews make a remarkably creamy soft ‘cheese’. Garlic and lemon, herbs and nuts are just a few of the many flavourings you can use.   Vegetarian Nut Cheese Recipe Serves: 4 300g/10½oz/2 cups cashew nuts ½ tsp salt 1 garlic clove, crushed 1 tbsp lemon juice a large pinch of smoked paprika […]