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September 16, 2015

Steve Nobel interviews Nick Moyle and Richard Hood, authors of Brew It Yourself.
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Listen to this free podcast with authors Nick Moyle and Richard Hood on their book Brew It Yourself. Interview by Steve Nobel for Watkins Media.

Taking their two great loves – alcohol and gardening – they provide recipe inspiration for people to turn a surplus harvest, a visit to a fruit farm or a delivery from the supermarket into a fantastic variety of drinks. Covering wines, beers and ciders, as well as more fancy infused liquors, sparkling drinks and some true curios.

Brew It Yourself outlines the basic approaches to each drink’s method of production, debunking myths, celebrating experimentation and taking the fear out of fermentation. There really is no reason not to brew it yourself.

In this podcast you will hear them speak on:
•Why should you bother brewing it yourself
•How to get started and the costs involved
•Buying ingredients and foraging
•The vast range of beverages you can make