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February 16, 2016



Today we received a box from Snack Garden and really enjoyed these snacks with everyone in the office. We love supporting small businesses, and these nutritious and satisfying munchies are a perfect and healthy snack to share during a busy day.

The idea of Snack Garden started from Ivan, an Hungarian man who after travelling all around the world and missing a healthy snack during his journeys, decided to create this all natural snacks, vegan and gluten free. Ivan and his family produce two fantastic snacks: the vacuum-fried crispy veggie chips and freeze-dried tropical fruit.

vaccum fried veggies

When we opened the veggie chips we were surprised to see round pods green beans, sliced sweet potatoes, squash and carrots. As they are lightly salted, we found them delicious and really addictive. The texture is very crispy and the crunchiness is light and salty, This combination  works really well for us. They are perfect for an afternoon break and to eat just by themselves.


The freeze-dried tropical fruit contains strawberries, bananas and pineapple. They are sweet and tasty, and the texture is quite hard, so we found them ideal as a mid-morning snack with a natural yogurt or in the porridge. With a bowl of warm milk, they also make a perfect breakfast. Kids would love this snack for the sweet taste and also for the mix of exciting colours.

On Snack Garden’s website we read that these products are completely free of preservatives, added sugars, trans fats and excessive sodium. We couldn’t agree more, they make a great alternative to snacks rich in sugar and still they are tasty and crispy.
If you want to know more, check their website, where you can also find delicious recipes and contact details.

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