Towards the Olympic Games: Renee McGregor and Aly Dixon

The term ‘training’ can mean so many things. For some of you it will be about increasing your stamina over an increasing distance; for others it will be about increasing your speed. You might train using a combination of speed, core, strength and endurance sessions or you might use only one or perhaps two of those techniques. Some of you will go with active rest days, while others might take whole days off altogether. Whether your sport is running, cycling, swimming or team-based, you probably know that training is fundamental to your performance.

Training Food author Renee McGregor interviews Rio 2016 Olympics qualifier Aly Dixon. Aly is a long-distance runner, the fastest British woman to finish the 2016 London Marathon, assuring her place in Rio 2016.

Renee McGregor is one of the UK’s top sports nutritionists, advising athletes from amateur to Olympic levels. With years of experience and expertise in sports nutrition, she offers vital and unequalled insight into what you need to fuel your success in your given sport.

Alyson Dixon is an English long-distance-runner who has competed in several marathons and half marathons and won the 2011 Brighton Marathon. She competed for England at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, but did not finish due to a calf injury. This year she qualified for the Rio 2016 Olympics. For more information, you can visit her website.


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