Slow down the ageing process with 5 Foods for a healthy heart


Slow down the ageing process with 5 Foods for a healthy heart


In his latest book, Live Longer, Live Younger, GP and holistic health expert Dr Rajendra Sharma explains how to slow down the ageing process and lead a healthier and more productive later life by making simple and easy lifestyle changes. He reveals the key principles that can prevent the onset of many age-related conditions.

Here are his recommended 5 foods for a healthy heart:


1.Apples and Pears

One apple or a pear a day may reduce stroke risk by half.



Beetroot’s high magnesium content, alongside several other, healthy nutrients, helps to decrease blood pressure.

To make your own delicious, blood-pressure fighting, beetroot juice: blend 2 apples, 2 carrots, ½ lime and 1 beetroot.
For a smoothie: blend ½ avocado and add with ice to the juice mixture.)


3.Peanut butter

Peanut butter’s high potassium levels means that it’s not the evil we think it might be. According to research, taking 5 teaspoonfuls weekly of organic and preferably fresh (unsalted) nut butter appears to have several benefits:

• A 44 per cent decrease in cardiovascular disease and heart attacks
• A decrease in sticky LDL cholesterol
• An increase in endothelial function – so important to the health of the arteries


4.Green leafy vegetables

Greens contain magnesium and vitamin B-complex. Vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid all reduce the production of the protein known as homocysteine, one of the blood particles that damage the endothelium. Eat plenty of these!


5.Citrus fruits

We all know that citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, but high blood levels of vitamin C are also associated with lower coronary artery disease.


Live Longer Live Younger

‘I’m sure that Dr Sharma’s book will help all those in search of optimum health as he has helped me in the past’  – Tina Turner

‘Dr Schama provides us with the information and tools to prevent and heal premature ageing and disease and the sooner we start, the easier it is’ – Dr Fouad I. Ghaly

Live Longer, Live Younger by Dr Rajendra Sharma

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