Guidelines for book submissions

We are always keen to see new book proposals, and welcome your enquiry.

Watkins Publishing Ltd specialises in books for Mind, Body & Spirit (under our Watkins Publishing imprint), and Food & Drink (under our Nourish imprint). First, please take a look at our website and/or catalogue and assess whether your title would fit in well with our list. We are looking for titles that have a clearly identifiable, international market, as well as having an original and crystal clear concept.

Please note: We do not publish original poetry books or spiritual or new age fiction. We no longer publish spiritual or new age children’s books.

Book queries are usually around 10 pages, and must contain the following information:

  1. A short author biography. This will include:
    –        Your credentials for writing a book on this particular topic
    –        Details of any published or self-published books you have authored
  2. Your proposal (1–2 pages max). This will outline:
    –        Your subject matter
    –        Your audience
    –        The main competition for the book
    –        The individual qualities of the book that will make it stand out in the market
  3. A sample chapter or excerpt (10 pages max). If possible, please include a table of contents within your sample chapter.

Please note: Submissions must be in English in 12-point type.

Please send your proposal with a covering letter to this email address: and attach your biography, book proposal and sample chapter as separate documents.

If you wish to send your proposal by post, please deliver your package to the address below. In the event that your submission is declined and you would like your material returned to you, please enclose a correctly stamped and addressed envelope. Otherwise, materials will not be returned. Submission of unsolicited materials is done at the author’s risk of loss or damage.

Watkins Publishing
Unit 11, Shepperton House
89 Shepperton Road
N1 3DF

We aim to reply within 6–8 weeks. Unfortunately, due to the number of proposals that we receive, we are unable to send an acknowledgement that we have received your submission.

All manuscripts are treated as confidential.

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