Jaki Scarcello

Jaki Scarcello has spent 30 years listening to and enabling individuals and organizations as a leadership consultant, facilitator and coach working with Fortune 500 companies in Canada and the USA.

She has privileged access to the struggles of women and men finding their way as they attempt to balance the various roles in their life: career, family and community. She has observed that the journey to find one’s place of contribution is a lifetime pursuit and sometimes life experience can be changed by simply switching the perspective through which it is viewed.

In 2007 Jaki jumped on the upswing of social media and created, a web-based tool which unleashes the power of many minds within organizations to solve workplace problems. Jaki’s goal was to replace herself and provide people with the technology to do for each other what she had done for them as a consultant and coach.

In 2006, as Jaki turned 55, she shifted much of her focus to a new project. She reflected on her career and observed that she had followed the working lives of baby boomers through the workplaces of their thirties, their midlife career changes and now it was time to turn her attention to their transition to post retirement activities. Her goal is to engage the boomers in the later stage of life as purposefully, energetically and fabulously as every other stage of their lives.

Jaki is spreading the word through her book, Fifty and Fabulous: The Best Years of a Woman’s Life, published by Watkins and to be released in London, UK and New York, spring 2010 and through Fabulation Events ( to be held in major cities across the US, Canada and the UK starting in spring 2010.

Jaki is a an ICF certified coach. She is a Social Science graduate from the University of Western Ontario, London, Canada and has studied workplace coaching at the Adler School of Psychology in Toronto.

Jaki’s favorite never ending journey has been motherhood with her daughter and son. She lives a nomadic life between two fixed bases- Toronto, Canada and Hermosa Beach California.Between spells in either home she travels with her husband an author and lecturer.

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