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The Seasonal Kitchen/ Asparagus

Tender fresh asparagus, with its mild yet distinctive flavour, is one of the great joys of spring, lasting right through into early summer. The green variety is the most common, with stems that can vary in size from fine spears only a few millimetres thick to sticks as sturdy as your thumb. You will also […]


Courgette, mushroom & truffle oil pizza

We are getting stuck right into #Veganuary2021 with this delicious, veggie-filled pizza from Virtually Vegan by Heather Whinney! We’ll be posting plant based meal inspo and dairy free dessert recipes – join us this month for a #Veganuary adventure! ‘Who needs dairy on a pizza? What you need is flavour, and this combo has lots of […]


How to Make A Supercharged Green Smoothie

by Christine Bailey We are all too well aware of the importance of vegetables in our diet. Packed with an array of nutrients, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals these are nature’s life enhancing foods. Virtually every health authority recommends that we increase our intake of vegetables yet most of us fail to achieve even frequently quoted […]


Chestnuts’ Special Place at the Christmas Table

Chestnuts are traditionally given a special place at the Christmas table. These shiny brown nuts are delicious boiled or roasted – always split the hard skin first to stop them exploding while cooking – and eaten on their own. They are also good puréed and served as a side dish or mixed into stuffings. Tossed […]


Recipe of the Week / Lime and Coriander Crusted Tuna with Bean Salsa

Healthy Speedy Suppers, by food writer and Leith’s trained chef Katriona MacGregor, is a collection of fresh and vibrant recipes that don’t take long to rustle up. With nutritious veggie, seafood and meat offerings throughout the book, most recipes take less than 30 minutes with some 15 minute gems in there too. The philosophy is ‘healthy eating for the […]


The Fight For Better Bread

This article is adapted from Slow Dough by Chris Young. Until relatively recently, the future of bread in Britain looked bleak. Following World War II, the number of independent high street bakeries headed into what seemed a permanent decline, with a handful of industrial giants and multiple retailers rising to dominance and helping to speed […]